Using you Oska Pulse.

Congratulations! Your Oska Pulse is the very latest development in PEMF wearable technology, achieving two major awards in 2017 and 2018.

Oska Pulse has been designed to optimise the delivery of scientifically crafted electromagnetic fields to assist in improved mobility, well-being pain management and general rehabilitation.

To obtain the best results using your Oska Pulse,
please take a few minutes to read the information below.

Step one. 
Charge the internal battery. Locate the charge cable (See image below) and plug the USB plug into a USB charger such as used for mobile phones. The other end of the cable has a micro USB connector which plugs into your Oska Pulse. Please be careful when you insert this into Oska, there is only one way it will go in, so do not use force.

When switched on, the charge light will glow until the battery is fully charged; once fully charged the charge light will go out. This could take anywhere from 30 min to 3 hours depending on the battery status. When the charge light goes off, Oska Pulse is ready for use.

Step two.
Oska Pulse covers an area up to 28 cm (11 inches) from its internal coil; most effective up to 23 cm (or 9 inches). Oska does not need to be placed on the skin, it works very effectively through clothing. Place Oska close to the area you want to treat (Please see note below) but in a comfortable position. You may need to use the included Velcro compression strap which has a pocket in which Oska Pulse can be inserted.

Step three.
The power button is located on the top of Oska Pulse, press it once and Oska will start its treatment protocol which runs for 30, 90 or 180 minutes depending on your version. If you need to turn Oska off before the end of its treatment program, press the power button three times in succession and Oska will close down. However, Oska Pulse uses a sequential treatment program, for optimal results we recommend you run Oska Pulse for the full duration each time.

Please read the following before using your Oska Pulse

While Using Oska Pulse:

  • It can, but does not need to be, in contact with skin. It will work just fine when worn over clothing and within 23cm (11 inches) of the area of injury.
  • Oska Pulse is not a TENS device. With Oska Pulse you won’t feel any heat, pulsing or tingling. Some may notice a slight warming of the area due to increased blood flow.
  • It is advisable to drink plenty of water when using Oska Pulse to assist in the recovery process.

What to Expect:

  • Our suggestions about how best to use Oska Pulse are not hard and fast rules. Over time, you will modify use to receive best personal results that fit with your lifestyle. Oska Pulse is not an instant fix, it is a real science supported by a large body of third-party clinical evidence
  • Allowing sufficient time for Oska Pulse to help is extremely important, even if you think things are not improving, please persist. Oska is not ‘magic’ it’s science.

Basic guidance:

Oska Pulse is designed to be fully integrated into your lifestyle so that you can benefit from it anytime, wherever you are. 
The device is safe to use as often as necessary (cannot overuse) and there are no reported side effects.

  • PEMF therapy works differently for everyone. Some users experience relief within a few days, and others may take a few weeks or more. Oska is not a pain blocker, it is designed to speed rehabilitation resulting in corresponding pain reduction.
  • Most single event, uncomplicated injuries respond quickly. Expect reductions in inflammation and pain levels (e.g. muscle strains, swollen ankles, etc.) within 24 to 48 hours.
  • Longer-term and chronic pain requires more time and greater discipline. Typically, inflammation and pain levels will subside first, followed by increased range of motion later. Often people stop thinking about their pain because they are able to resume normal activities (e.g. getting out of a chair, reaching into a cupboard, being able to walk further, sleeping more peacefully, etc.)
  • More on this subject here.

If you are uncertain whether Oska Pulse is helping:

  • We suggest you stop using the device for 3 to 4 days and determine if you’re pain levels elevate again. If so, it’s a positive sign that longer term improvement is already under way. If not, persist and keep using the device!
Persistence is the key to achieving your expectations

If you have any queries concerning the use of Oska Pulse, 
please either email us at or call us on 1300 764 117
See more in Frequently Asked  Questions –  FAQ’s