How long will it take Oska Pulse to start working?

On asking “how long will it take Oska Pulse to start working? ” it’s important to understand Oska Pulse is not a pain blocker! Oska is used to speed rehabilitation. The sense of pain reduction  depends on how long it takes to reduce inflammation which is part of the healing process. 

Most injuries resolve in step by step process over a period between 1-12 months.  The painful inflammatory phase…..part of the process initially experienced between  1 and 14 days from injury… most important.

If the injury is a single event without complications, a general reduction of inflammation and corresponding pain should be experienced within  24 to 48 hours of using Oska Pulse. However, should the injury be recurrent, long-standing, due to overuse or age related degeneration then inflammation will be ongoing and Oska Pulse will have a much more challenging task.

Persistence and patience is the key, with real results taking up to 1 week to sense. Even after reduced pain, Oska Pulse should be used regularly to ensure the best possible recovery and reduce the likelihood of future harm.  See more in Frequently Asked Questions.