Joint rehabilitation

Oska Pulse deals with the cause of your pain!

What slows natural healing?

Injured or degenerated cells lose their electrical potential reducing the exchange of important ions. This impairs the ability to deal with inflammation and pain.

Using optimised PEMFT, Oska Pulse is designed to restore the electrical potentials cells need to receive nutrients and oxygen. This stimulates cellular regeneration, activating the body’s natural recovery process and consequently relieves pain.
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Oska Pulse is not just another portable PEMF device.

Oska Pulse uses a sequence of uniquely configured waveforms to first open capillaries to improve circulation, reducing inflammation. Transporter channels in the cell membrane are then modulated to balance the exchange of important ions such as sodium, potassium, and calcium, stimulating cell regeneration. In the final sequence,  pain signals in the neurological pathways are reduced.     
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Oska Pulse drives healing at the cellular level.
Oska Pulse is so comfortable and easy to use.

Completely portable, Oska can be used while going about your normal daily activities. It can be worn over clothing and placed in a comfortable position close to the source of pain.  See ‘Using Oska Pulse

With no wires or sticky pads to attach and only one button to press, Oska Pulse is so very easy to use.  See what others have to say.

Oska Pulse at work, dealing with the cause of pain.

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