What would the world be like without electricity? well, there just wouldn’t be a world. For that matter, there wouldn’t be a universe either. In fact, nothing would exist at all! Full stop! All matter depends on the existence of electricity and its associated electrical potentials (energy). All matter is made of atoms. The centre, or nucleus, of every atom is made of  protons and neutrons that orbit the nucleus.

Over the years, we have learned how to harness the power of this natural phenomena to provide heat, lighting, communication and power. We have also learned a great deal about how electricity is essential to living matter and how each atom in our body creates its own magnetic field that is so important to life. If you’re interested in knowing more about how electricity is used in the human body, then click on the link below. Amber Plante’s article is well worth reading.

Here is an excellent article written by Amber Plante, a graduate student at The University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA

Using Oska Pulse, PEMF therapy may assist with both Acute and Chronic Inflammation.

Acute Inflammation is essential for life and is a part of the body’s natural repair mechanism. With continuous use of a controlled PEMF, bone fractures, wound healing, bruising, swelling etc….we may see a dramatic decrease in healing time by an average of 50%.

Chronic Inflammation is treated by creating a whole new environment, removing toxins, bringing in nutrients, adding ATP, balancing ions and cellular chemistry, creating an environment where Chronic Inflammation may decrease. However, Oska Pulse is also designed to speed apoptosis, the natural dying off of old cells to stimulate the regeneration of new cells.

 Oska Pulse should be used daily for maintaining good health and well being as well as assisting the body to speed recovery from injury or surgery, slowing the effects of  degenerative issues such as osteoarthritis.


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