No, there is no need for Oska Pulse to interfere with normal daily activities. Just don’t go for a swim while wearing it…..Oska doesn’t like water! It may be wise to look into insuring Oska against loss or damage due to accidentally dropping in water or dropping on a hard surface. It is a valuable bio-electronic device so please treat accordingly. You can see how Oska could work for you in the Oska Check List.

Oska Pulse can be used under or over clothing so you don’t have to place it on your skin. Place Oska close to the source of pain, not necessarily where you feel the pain. For example, sciatic pain felt in the outer hip or thigh area may be due to pressure on the sciatic nerve but in the lower back. In this case, place Oska in the lumbar region (L4-L5).

Whilst there is no limit, we recommend at least 90 minutes to 3 hours each day;  more if treating chronic pain. See more in the Oska Check List.

Results can be experienced immediately. However, it depends on many factors such as time, intensity, injury or degenerative condition and your general health. Some conditions may take several weeks of treatment before a noticeable relief is experienced. Persistent use is the key. A condition you’ve had for several years will take longer than a few days to resolve. See more on this subject here.

The effects of modulating cell membrane can assist in flushing toxins from the bloodstream. If you experience headaches during or after using Oska, you should increase your fluid intake. Drinking more water will also optimise PEMF treatment.

Your magnetic bracelet uses a static magnet. Oska Pulse uses a series of modulated pulsed electromagnetic energy fields that create a more profound action in the body. These energy fields are designed to resonate with (or mimic) the same electrical potentials (energy) generated by cellular activity in your body that happens naturally during physical activity.

So what is Oska Pulse doing?

Oska Pulse produces specially designed pulsed electromagnetic fields delivered in four separate stages:

Each one consists of treatment protocols that modulate cell membrane in order to speed healing, provide pain relief and improve well-being. There are many thousands of trials showing that PEMF speeds recovery from injury and post-operative surgery as well as slowing the progression of degenerative joint disease such as osteoarthritis.

What evidence is there to support this technology?

PEMF has been used in the USA for over 60 years without adverse effect. We have curated a diverse portfolio of clinical trials, clinical research and medical studies that can be accessed at this link. These documents are all third-party materials designed to provide general information and to highlight the benefits of the science.  However, Oska Pulse uses a unique Sequential Treatment Protocol and has also been subject to Double Blind Trials. You can see the results by clicking this link.

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This website is provided for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis, or treatment. The Oska Pulse does not purport to treat, cure or prevent disease. Do not change or substitute current medication without consulting your doctor.