Caring for your Oska Pulse – Cleaning the Safe Way

 Your Oska Pulse is a medical device that we trust will be of great benefit to you for many years.  Properly cared for, there is no limit to how long it will keep on doing its job. As this is an electronic medical device we have prepared a list of important do’s and don’ts below. Last on this list is our suggestion on how to keep your Oska clean, due to the COVID-19 virus, a very important topic for which we have devoted more time in recommending a special cleaning fluid Vera Sanitiser.

  • Battery: The lithium ion rechargeable battery will last a lot longer if charged on a regular basis. You should get around 12 to 15 years use before having to replace it. While it will provide around 24 hours of continuous power, Li batteries don’t like being run down completely to the point that the device won’t turn on at all. Far better to re-charge after around 15 to 20 hours of use.​
  • When not in use: Place the device in a cool position, out of direct sunlight. ​
  • Storing Oska: Please do not store your Oska Pulse with a flat battery. Leaving it in an uncharged condition for any more than a few months, will most likely render the battery inoperable. If you absolutely…. (I can’t think why you would do this) …. do have to store it, recharge for at least an hour, place in a dry, cool (preferably cold) place, and re-charge every few months. ​
  • Water ingest: While Oska is water resistant, the USB charge port will allow water into the shell if Oska is submersed. Do not drop it in the dog’s water bowl, washing up bowl or the toilet! Do not take it swimming. (Don’t laugh but this has happened twice, to the same owner.) If you do, please call Michael on 0438 920 147. He will advise on the best cause of action. The only ones destroyed, belong to those who have not followed this advice. If you drop it in the toilet, call Michael and tell him; don’t be embarrassed – it has happened more times than you may think.
  • Cleaning Oska: As you can see below we have devoted a great deal of time to this topic. We have tried many cleaning agents and due to the need to stay away from toxic chemicals and those that ultimately cause damage to the case or silicon cover, we have found an Australian produced product that we can thoroughly endorse. It is use in hospitals, nursing homes, schools, restaurants and proven to not only clean but kill pathogens (germs). Best of all, it leaves no odour and leaves a protective film that repels contamination.
  • Watch the video and read the information below.
As your Oska Pulse is a medical device used close to your body, and sometimes placed on skin, it is important to know how to keep it clean. Oska also contains electronic components, so we need to be careful not to allow water into its shell via the USB charge socket.


Natural, Australian made cleaning products and sanitisers.

With the urgent need for highly-effective cleaning and sanitising products today, VERA has developed a world-first formula to provide a truly transformative cleaning solution for the health of all Australians. Non toxic and odourless, VERA is a scientific plant-based paramagnetic molecular formula that is TGA-Compliant and Independently Certified.

  • Vera leaves a paramagnetic field that repels and reduces the ability of any bacteria/virus to bind to the surface.
  • Anti bacterial, killing 99.9% of germs and pathogens.
  • An odourless, alcohol-free proactive cleaning system.


VERA is a safe, non-toxic cleaning solution that has been tested and proven to be fragrance free, taint free, alcohol free, non-corrosive, anti-fungal and antimicrobial.


VERA is a safe, multi-purpose highly potent plant-based formulation with a unique paramagnetic efficacy that both cleans and starves bacteria from multiplying on surfaces.

Foam Sanitiser

Vera Foam Sanitiser is idea for cleaning your Oska Pulse. As you can see, it is entirely natural but has the ability to kill pathogens (germs).

If you would like to know more about Vera products and how you can purchase them, please….. 

call Shirley on 0437 788 211  or  1300 764 117


VERA deeply penetrates surfaces to dislodge and dissolve biofilms and surface contaminants, leaving a protective field that repels further contamination. It also has an odour control molecule that continues to eliminate the source of odours.

Bio protection

VERA is ideal for Hand and Personal Sanitisation, Housekeeping, Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Aeroplanes, Food and Beverage Areas, Hotels, Offices, Kindergartens, Schools, Gyms, Public Amenities, Workshops.